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​POTTERS ACT… The Daily Inspirational Dose [One Year Anniversary]​

On June 16th, 2016, a daily inspirational dose was conceived and launched. It is a motivational imperial concept that is designed to be a daily dose for the Nigerian youths and young minds across the globe. ​It is called "Potters Act"​.

“Potters Act” since inception has been powering daily inspirational morning captions through its social media handles. These early morning captions have been a source of hope and refuge to hundreds and thousands of youths in Nigeria and the world at large. 

​Potters Act is a Non Governmental Organization that serves as an inspirational empire​. It is an empire built on categories of articles namely Love, Jokes, Relationships, Religion, Life Challenges, Motivational, Talent, Inspirational, Poem, Poet, Fashion, Stories, Business, Money, Fables, Debate, Biography and Autobiography.

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[Get in here and be part of the celebration!]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Look through your photo gallery to find a picture/caption that inspires you to write.

It could be a picture/caption of moral ideas, religion, education, talent, fact etc. Take a moment to observe everything about the picture/caption. Write down words to describe what you see, words that describe how it makes you feel, what really inspires you the most, emotions that come to mind.

If the pictures/captions does not touch you, are their connections/words that can explain how you just feel? If so, write them down and follow the steps on the ​design​ attached to this ​broadcast​

​"People forget what you said, but remember how you have made them feel"​

​Hope we've made you feel good??​

​Cc: The Potters [Team]​

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